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Sports Bra Inserts
Sports Bra Inserts

Sports Bra Inserts

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Sports Bra Inserts bring cleavage, shape, contour and support to your favourite workout bras, everyday bras and swimwear! Lightweight, flexible and designed for discreet comfort and support, Sport Bra Inserts keep their shape workout after workout and wash after wash!

Suitable for standard and sports bras, as well as swimwear our high-performance, perforated Sports Bra Inserts move with you for breathable comfort in the most extreme conditions. Suitable for built in bra pockets, or as a standard bra or bikini insert, Sports Bra Inserts are machine washable. 

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Care of your Sports Bra Inserts:

Hand or Machine wash on a gentle cycle in warm water with mild soap. Air dry.

Colours: Nude/Black

Sizes: A/B & C/D 

100% Polyester 

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